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We help small businesses grow by increasing their visibility online and deepening engagement with their target audiences.

Digital Marketing Solutions For Small Business

Visibility, engagement, and growth are at the heart of our digital marketing solutions and they are created specifically for small businesses and organizations that are interested in expanding their reach and engaging their target audience. We place emphasis on target audience definition so we know exactly who you should target to grow your business. Then we build the perfect website that is optimized to engage and convert visitors into customers. Using expert SEO and local search optimization, we make sure that your audience can find you online. 

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Delegal Digital is well-suited to deliver digital marketing and web design solutions to most small businesses. We currently work with:

Our Leadership Team

Delegal Digital was founded by husband and wife team Skip and Sara Graham. Our commitment lies in providing valuable web design solutions to our clients with the goal of helping them reach a broader audience that results in meaningful growth.

Sara (President & Co-Founder)
With 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur and producer for large brands, Sara leads operationally as well as sales and customer care.
Skip (COO & Co-Founder)
With 30 years of experience as a business owner and consultant to technology and consumer internet clients, Skip leads design, technology, and marketing.

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