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Google Wants Answers

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Have you ever wondered why your website may not be getting the traffic you think it deserves? It could be because you aren’t answering the questions your prospective customers are asking.

No one wants to be sold to online. We all seek answers first, and if we feel good about the answer, then, and only then, will we take another step to call, shop online, sign up, or buy.

Self-promotion — that is, telling people how great your company is — will never get you where you want to be in the eyes of customers, prospects, and especially Google. Google is looking for a few good websites (get it?) to offer up answers to THEIR customers (people who search the internet). If you fall short of that, Google will never do you the favor of promoting your content to the top of search rankings.

How do you do that? By creating compelling content than is interesting enough to read and adds value to the reader. You can get started with any of these ideas for blog post headlines.

Blog Post Ideas | How-Tos

Don’t be afraid to give away knowledge. Good blog post ideas are a dime-a-dozen, but if your fear is that people will take your knowledge and make you obsolete, that is a myth that never comes to fruition. Use your knowledge to help others. That alone will help elevate you to an authoritative position in your industry. Here are some ideas for How-To blog titles.

Explain how to do something in a step-by-step tutorial.

Surely there’s something you are really good at. Break it down and write a step-by-step tutorial. Others will appreciate your effort.

Example: How to Set Up Google My Business


Explain how to become an expert at something

How did you get really good at something? Explain it to others.

Example: How to Become an SEO Expert


Explain how something complicated works

You’ve probably taken the time to figure out something that is complicated. Explain it to others so they won’t have to make the same mistakes you did.

Example: How 4-Stroke Lawnmower Engines Work


Create a comprehensive guide

As blog post ideas go, this is a great one because it ranks. Write an in-depth post about a topic exhausting any and all questions that could be asked.

Example: The Ultimate Guide To Baking Substitutions


Blog Post Ideas | Personal Experience

If you are in business, or just run a blog, you’ve surely encountered issues, concerns, obstacles, and successes that could help someone else. There may not be a better topic than one that comes from your own journey. Here are some ideas.

Write about how you got started in your business

Even if it seems mundane to you, others may find interest in how you got started — especially if there are tips and tricks that save time or heartache.

Example: How I First Got Started Painting


Share the mistakes you made doing something

Ever wish someone had shared the mistakes they made so you wouldn’t have to? Sure, we learn from mistakes, but it’s better if we can minimize them — especially the dumb ones.

Example: The Mistakes I Made As a Beginner Programmer


Write an event recap

If you went to an industry or trade event that everyone didn’t get a chance to attend, create a recap that will interest others. It’s the next best thing to being there if you write it well.

Example: How VMWorld Recap: 2019


Share a personal accomplishment (or failure)

Another one of the great blog post ideas. Your website visitors like personal experiences because they are more authentic. Be honest about something you accomplished (or failed at), and the process you went through.

Example: How I Learned WordPress


Blog Post Ideas | Practical And Useful

This goes straight to the core of answering questions, and Google will reward you for creating content that is useful and answers questions people searching the web may have. By creating information on practical topics (especially topics that may not be common), you position yourself as someone who is not only smart and authoritative, but also helpful. Check out these ideas.

Create a useful checklist

The web is full of checklists, but if you are a frequent doer of anything, you may have it all figured out, and better than anyone else. Create the perfect checklist for others to use.

Example: 17 Top Cruise Packing List Items For 2020


Create a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

FAQs are common but useful. Create a list of frequently asked questions that you get about your industry, business or expertise.

Example: Our Most Common HVAQ Questions and Answers


Provide industry statistics on something relevant

Everyone loves to see actual, well-researched numbers pertaining to something of interest. If you have them, share them.

Example: 60 Restaurant Industry Statistics For Owners


Share productivity tips for your industry or profession

If you have figured how to be really productive or efficient in your job, others will appreciate how you do that. Don’t worry, no one will steal your job, because you’re the pro.

Example: Productivity Tips & Techniques For Executive Assistants


Other Ideas

Talk about something new that may affect people

If you’ve gone through a new process and learned the ins and outs, share your experience with others to help them save some time and effort.

Example: How Forbearance Affects Your Credit Score


Create a best-of roundup

Everybody loves a best-of list. If you are a junky about something in particular, create a list of the top things.

Example: 10 Best Synth Plugins For Music Production


Be the first to write about something new

In the age of immediate news cycles it might be hard to outrun the throngs of journalists who already do this. But, if your readers or customers follow you, make sure to stay up on current events and maybe you can break one first.

Example: Google Core Update For May 2020


The Bottom Line

Hopefully, by now you have the general idea of creating interesting blog post ideas — titles and topics. By using the simple ideas you can create literally thousands of topics and never run out of ideas to create content for your blog. So, don’t wait. Get started now!

If we can be of assistance to your business, please contact us at (912) 388-1440 or hello@delegaldigital.com. You can also reach us here.

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