How does your church website grow your church? A church website should communicate who you are and the benefits of why people who don’t know about you should visit. But, first and foremost, your website should be visible to non-churchgoers who may be looking for answers to felt-needs and creating opportunities to introduce them to Jesus.

Our Church Growth Solution

Opinions are divided on whether or not the church should be “marketed” but most church leaders we speak with all agree that church growth is important. Without getting bogged down in the semantic argument of what levers you pull to grow the church, you can understand the importance of attracting non-churchgoers and reaching more lost souls. When there is growth in the church, it’s a sign that more people are being reached. That’s where our church web design solutions make a significant difference.

Reaching non-churchgoers goes well beyond simply having a website. It’s pretty hard to find a church these days that doesn’t have a website of some kind. What many of these websites suffer from is the opportunity to be found online. Read more about our SEO and local search solutions.

The Purpose Of Effective Church Web Design

The number one goal of a church web design strategy, and the website itself, should be to attract and engage more first-time visitors and to reach three distinct audiences. There is a proven correlation between church attendance and website traffic.

Your website is the first impression of your church. Nowadays, people will check you out online before making the decision to visit in-person. Hitting the right notes on your website can make that difference by communicating who you are, what you believe, and why people benefit by visiting you.

We would be delighted to speak with you about your church website. You may have a website, need a website, or just want help or guidance in making your website work for the church.

Three Distinct Audiences Of Your Church Website

church web design family

Church Family

This is your church family. The people in this audience consider your church to be their home, even if they don’t attend regularly. The church’s focus here is to help build these people up in the Body of Christ, and much of the church’s resources go toward this effort. This is what most churches do best, but may not be the best use of online resources.

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Those Looking For A Church

These people are looking for a church for any number of reasons. We can assume most churches are aware of the importance of reaching this audience but many do not take the steps online to make it happen. We implement a local SEO strategy to make sure your church is found in Google’s local search results.

church web design felt needs

Those Looking For Answers To Felt-Needs

Most church websites focus on the first two of these three audiences, but often miss this target, which we feel may be the most important. These are people who are searching for answers or who have felt-needs that one or more of the church’s ministries may address. 

Churches often put significant resources behind ministries to serve this audience yet overlook outreach beyond the church family, especially online.-

How Do We Get More Traffic To Our Church Website?

We thought you would never ask! Once you have a great website, we partner with you to gain more first-time visitors.

We make extensive use of tools like Google, Youtube, and select social media platforms.

It’s proven that churches implementing strategic local search and content optimization to reach their target audiences are growing! The key here is understanding who that audience is and speaking to them online.

Isn’t it time to get strategic online to amplify the growth of your church?

Tools We Use To Increase Your Visibility

  • Google Analytics & Search Console

    We use these tools to tell us exactly who is visiting your website, where they are coming from, and how they are getting there, among many other things that help us fine tune for more traffic.

  • Local SEO

    We optimize your local business listing and related citations, and optimize your on-page content to make sure Google refers locals to your website.

  • Digital Marketing

    It is possible to reach what may seem to be an unreachable audience by leveraging Google, Facebook , and Instagram ad platforms. Digital marketing and advertising allow you to target specific audiences that may otherwise not be inclined to visit your website.


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