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Delegal Digital is a Savannah digital marketing agency that provides sensible online marketing solutions for businesses in the Savannah metro area, helping them maximize the value of their online presence. We build digital marketing strategies that increase website traffic and attract target audiences.

Digital Marketing For Savannah Small Business

Savannah Georgia is a busy little city, drawing nearly 15 million tourists annually — all looking for the special experience our city has to offer. 

Today, a well-planned online marketing strategy is not only a necessity, it is already being done by savvy business marketing professionals. If your business isn’t ranking at or near the top of search results, you’re getting overlooked. 

Does your SEO strategy ensure you show up at the top of Google search results or in the coveted Google Maps 3-Pack when a visitor to Savannah types in restaurants near me? How about best florist in savannah? Whatever your keywords are, you need to make sure your audience can easily find you. 

SEO is only one facet in a well-planned digital marketing strategy. At Delegal Digital, our approach takes into account all of the online marketing channels available to you, but chooses the right ones for your business and your prospective customers. 

How Online Marketing Works

A well-planned digital marketing strategy first looks at where you are now, how your target audience searches for you, the types of people who make up your audience, and how to leverage digital assets to attract more of those same people as well as build new audiences. Through effective web design, search engine optimization, local SEO, actionable content, social media, email, and other tactics, we will design the perfect online marketing strategy to help grow your business by reaching more people in your audience and getting them to take the desired action.

As a digital marketing agency in Savannah GA, we help our clients transform their businesses, sometimes with just a few simple changes to their current website. At other times it may be building a brand new site with optimized content and a solid digital marketing strategy. The number one goal is usually to attract website visitors and convert them through a well-designed journey.

Isn’t it worth a few minutes to find out if you are missing an amazing opportunity to grow your business? Our digital marketing agency is not only tuned into Savannah, we’ve been here for decades, know the landscape, and love the city as much as you do.

Delegal Digital Is Your Savannah Digital Marketing Agency

We understand that many small businesses in Savannah simply don’t have the budget to employ in-house marketing talent. That’s where we are happy to stand in. Our digital marketing agency solutions for your business make it easy for you to leverage our experience and expertise for a fraction of what you might pay for in-house talent.

No matter what your needs are, our team is your team for web design, search engine optimization (SEO), local search, paid ads (PPC), social media, reputation and review management, search retargeting, content optimization, email marketing, and more.

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Other Digital Marketing Agency Considerations

There are many reputable web and graphic designers in Savannah that do great work, but may lack the depth of a digital marketing agency and the experience required to understand and execute a comprehensive digital strategy that will move the needle for your business. 

Our decades of experience as strategic consultants gives us the ability to look at your needs from a different perspective — more than web design, online search or just plain marketing. We look at every engagement as though we are a part of your organization and our recommendations are always aimed at helping you improve and grow.

So remember, a digital marketing agency is more than a website designer. Your website may be the foundation of your digital strategy but many other moving parts will ultimately be needed in order to be effective.

Is Online Marketing Any Different In Savannah?

We’ve been asked if Savannah is any different when it comes to a sound digital or online marketing strategy. Certainly not. While Savannah enjoys a significant tourist population year-round, all digital marketing principles apply the same here as anywhere else. The key is to have a strategy and to leverage the methods and channels that make sense for your organization. Digital marketing is not one-size-fits-all.

With amazing tourism in Savannah comes online competition among many other businesses who may be trying equally as hard as you — or harder. This should put sound digital marketing high on your list of communication priorities. 

When a tourist arrives at Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport or one of our many hotels, they automatically turn to their mobile device to find what they are looking for, if not well before their arrival. If your website isn’t optimized for local search, you will likely never be discovered. This is where digital marketing pays off.

Savannah Is Our Home Too

We are thrilled to call Savannah home (again). Our founders were whisked away years ago by technology and sales careers that took them to San Francisco, Denver, Phoenix, and New York. However, all roads eventually lead home.

We work businesses across the US, but we are thrilled to help our clients in Savannah with world-class digital marketing solutions. There is something very special about this great city and we’re grateful to be here, and hopefully making a difference. 

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Our Leadership Team

Delegal Digital was founded by husband and wife team Skip and Sara Graham. Our commitment lies in providing valuable web design solutions to our clients with the goal of helping them reach a broader audience that results in meaningful growth.

Sara (President & Co-Founder)
With 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur and producer for large brands, Sara leads operationally as well as sales and customer care.
Skip (COO & Co-Founder)
With 30 years of experience as a business owner and consultant to technology and consumer internet clients, Skip leads design, technology, and marketing.

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