Hilton Head Web Design For Churches and Nonprofits

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Delegal Digital is a web design and digital marketing agency that offers sensible  solutions to help churches and nonprofits in Hilton Head find their online voice. We create beautiful, easy-to-manage websites that increase visibility and deepen engagement with your target audience.

Our Hilton Head Church and Nonprofit Solutions

Hilton Head Island is almost like a second home. We’ve always admired Hilton Head and have countless “favorite” destinations on the island. Nothing sounds better than a long weekend trip over from Savannah to enjoy a lazy day at Harbour Town or a long walk on the stunning beaches.

Churches and nonprofits should understand the importance of digital marketing, great web design and a sound SEO strategy. Just like businesses, churches and nonprofits compete for resources including members, donors, volunteers, and community partners.

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Our Leadership Team

Delegal Digital was founded by husband and wife team Skip and Sara Graham. Our commitment lies in providing valuable marketing and web design solutions to our church and nonprofit partners in Hilton Head with the goal of helping them reach a broader audience that results in meaningful growth.

Sara (President & Co-Founder)
With 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur and producer for large brands, Sara leads operationally as well as sales and customer care.
Skip (COO & Co-Founder)
With 30 years of experience as a business owner and consultant to technology and consumer internet clients, Skip leads design, technology, and marketing.