Nobody Wants A Website

Drill in the wall

Nobody Wants A Website

If you want a website, you might just be a little crazy. Nobody wants a website. People who want a website are like those who want to own a boat. Like boats, websites take work, time, and investment. I could easily assume if you are a business owner, the last thing you want in your life is something that’s going to consume more of your time and money.

But we’re not talking about desire here. A website is not something to be desired. It’s a necessary tool to accomplish something that is critical and highly misunderstood.

Think about this… let’s say you are doing a home project one weekend and it requires a 1/2 inch hole in a thick piece of steel to run wire through. You need to drill a hole and suddenly discover you don’t have the right tool. Do you want a 1/2 inch drill bit? No! What you WANT is a 1/2 inch hole

How Is A Website Like A Drill Bit?

What Does A Drill Bit Have To Do With A Website?

How is a drill bit like a website? Let’s start with the fundamental premise that both are tools — specific and necessary in their own right.

It’s very possible that no one has explained to you why a website is necessary for a business to prosper, because so many — even some self-described pros — don’t understand the real value that a website carries when designed and executed properly.

Let’s go back to the drill bit analogy. If I need to drill a 1/2 inch hole through solid steel, I need to be aware that a bit for drilling through wood is going to fail. There is a multitude of consideration just for buying a drill bit:

  • Do I need a carbide tip?
  • How thick is the steel?
  • How deep does the hole need to be?
  • Do I need to get a 3/4 inch bit so that there is some room for additional wire in the future?
  • What if I need a swivel bit or attachment because there is no clearance for the drill in the space I need to drill the hole?

This list could go on… and it’s just a lowly drill bit.

Not only do you need a drill bit, you need the RIGHT drill bit. Getting just any drill bit will not accomplish the task at hand unless you understand the reason you need one in the first place.

A Specific Website Is A Necessity

The majority of small businesses misunderstand the reason they need a specific type of website and don’t know that a website is potentially the most valuable asset they own. If you have educated yourself in this regard, kudos to you because you are ahead of the pack.

How is it possible it can be so valuable when it’s just a website? Doesn’t everyone have a website? That’s another topic, but half of all small businesses actually don’t have a website and rely on things like social media and business directories to carry the load. Spoiler alert… that alone doesn’t work.

A Website Has The Potential To...

Doesn't My Website Already Do All Of This?

With all of that potential (and so much more), your website in all its glory probably doesn’t come close to providing the return it should. In fact, data shows that most websites do not provide much inherent value to their owners at all.

If we start with just two of the most basic reasons a website should exist — to level the playing field and to be found online — most companies miss that mark. This doesn’t even begin to address the full slate of potential value to the business if the website was designed and executed effectively.

Confused with website

But We Have A Great Website

Many businesses decide to make an investment in their online presence but stumble on the execution. They may hire a “great” designer to build a masterpiece website utilizing every medium under the sun — animated graphics, 29 fonts, audio, video, and a color palette that would shame a peacock. Then they load the pages full of content to talk about themselves.

“We do this, we do that, we sell this and that, and everything else. We have done this and that, we do it better and cheaper than anyone, and we are just great. Me, me, me.”

You’ve accomplished nothing other than to build an alter to your business and no good comes from that. Your presence online should be much less about you and much more about your audience.


No One Cares About You

Just like you probably wouldn’t care much about the accolades of the hardware store that had the drill bit you needed to drill your hole, no one cares about you or how great you are — especially if you’re the one telling them. So if no one cares about you, how do you get them to flock to your website? Ahh, that’s the great mystery of online search and THE foundation of online success.

Surprisingly, with well over a billion websites in existence, it is still possible to garner the attention of an audience by simply understanding what it is they need to know and how to answer their questions.

Have you ever used Google to search for a product or service online, or something like how to fix a leaky faucet? Duh. Were you searching for the website with the most animation, the company with the greatest portfolio, the biggest team, the most revenue? Or, did you search because you needed an answer to your question or a solution to your problem? The latter is true in nearly every case, which is why Google rewards websites that solve problems and answer questions. While an entirely different topic, Google will shout your name from the rooftop if you solve the problem of consumers who rely on them to find answers. If Google shouts your name, you win!

Hashtag Me

But I Need To Tell People About Me, Right?

Of course, you do! That is part of the answer. It’s called social proof. Humans naturally follow other humans who go before them and will do what other humans do. So if people talk about YOU (in a positive light) others will follow. If YOU talk about you without social proof, they will be gone in a flash. If you want people to know how great you are (and you do), let your customers tell them. 

Consumers who don’t know you only care about one thing — that you can solve their problem or answer their questions (we’ll just agree those two things are the same). That may be as simple as where can I buy a cup of coffee near me at 2 am, or how can I fix a broken headlamp in my 1992 Dodge Dart?

If you sell vintage car parts, no one cares that you stock a million parts, unless you can answer THEIR question. If you can tell them how to fix the headlamp, and you happen to stock that headlamp, they are far more likely to buy it from you and/or become a future customer.

You Do Need A Website!

We’ve only covered the basics of online success and why you need a website, which is to help consumers solve problems so they trust you and become your customer. With all of the potential a website can add to your business, isn’t it obvious you need one? If you provide a service, sell goods, manage a membership, or generally have a business that doesn’t operate underground in a hermetically sealed vacuum, the answer is yes.

Three things

Three Things

If you have a website and think this is all a bunch of baloney, at least do these three things:

  1. Make sure there is a clear purpose for the page a visitor lands on — an obvious headline, logical navigation, and how to get additional info. Without this, they will leave, confused and dismayed.
  2. Make sure a visitor to your website knows what you want them to do after they have arrived. If your landing page is just an encyclopedic rendition of your history, capability, and you, they will simply click on the next available site and you’ve lost them forever.
  3. Give visitors a way to get more information. If you are not answering the entire question, make sure they know how to contact you, or whatever that conversion looks like in order to get them into your funnel.
Starting line


Maybe now you do want a website and you do need a website. Settle down… you don’t want just any website. You need the right website. Just take a step. Call us and we’ll be happy to tell you what we’ve learned over the years, or find someone willing to do the deep dive to learn why you need a website. That’s the hard part, along with so many other factors. Only successful people are willing to step up to the plate and take action.

Go get this done right for your business. Do it now. 

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