Optimizing the content on your website to reach your target audiences — partners, donors, volunteers — is of utmost importance. By creating a constant flow of relevant content, you can speak directly about your mission and cause to those who are searching. Our nonprofit SEO solutions help make your website visible and engaging.

Our Nonprofit SEO Solutions Help You Grow

The purpose of a strategic nonprofit SEO plan is simple — to help your organization be found in organic searches online. Our SEO solutions focus on three areas of your website — Content, Performance, and Secureness.


Content is king when it comes to your website being found for specific subject areas, keywords, and phrases. We take a comprehensive look at your content and related metadata. This includes landing pages, images, blog posts, updates, etc., and we make sure that the content is organized and optimized to reach your target audience(s). We also ensure that Google is indexing the content properly so that it will rank when users search.


Performance is a key factor when ranking in search results. We will evaluate your site and host to make sure there are no bottlenecks preventing your site from improving its search rankings. This includes optimizing content by minifying HTML, CSS and Javascript, and making sure images are at optimal sizes and formats.


Site security is important for a number of reasons, including SEO performance. We will make sure that your site is operating on a valid SSL (secure socket layer) certificate and ensure that there are no mixed content issues, which can cause errors from Google when determining that you are operating a secure website.

What Is SEO?

A full explanation of SEO would require more space than this website can contain. For a great overview of SEO check out our SEO explainer video (or just scroll down). For a comprehensive tutorial on SEO, there really isn’t one better than Moz’ SEO Beginner’s Guide. While it is not related to nonprofit websites, specifically, it does provide a beginner deep-dive into the relevant principles.

SEO is like the wheels on your website vehicle. Without a great SEO strategy, your website will never make it out of the driveway. Our SEO and local search solutions will take your nonprofit organization to the first page by optimizing content to answer the questions your target personas (audience) are asking.  

Even nonprofits are wrestling for online attention (for good reason) and the competition is always fierce. Success requires a sound strategy, intention, time and patience.

Our Nonprofit SEO Process — What To Expect

Analyze — We will analyze your entire website and all of its content, and make recommendations as to how it can be improved for maximum crawlability, searchability, and effectiveness. This includes taking a look at page structure, header tags, metadata, image alt-tags, page speed, on/offsite links, and certainly content optimization.

Keyword Research — Using our agency SEO toolkit we will conduct keyword research for your cornerstone content to identify the keywords and phrases that your site should target. From this research we will produce a report of the most relevant keywords, and identify which ones to pursue based on factors like competitiveness, completeness, and how much traffic and engagement to expect as a result.

Optimize — Taking the results from the first two steps, we will implement optimization across all of the relevant content on your site to make sure your site is getting optimal results in Google search results.

Monitor & Report — We will monitor your site using Google Search Console and Google Analytics to make sure the needle is moving in the right direction. We will provide reporting on key metrics and, using the resulting data, will continue to tune areas of your website that are not performing as expected. At the end of our project we will provide a report comparing the data from where you started to where you are, highlighting all areas of improvement.

SEO Explained

Search engine optimization, including local search, is often overcomplicated. It would be a critical mistake to overlook the fact that it is an ever-evolving array of tactics, because Google is always changing core algorithms to better serve its consumers who use the service to find answers. But, the fundamental concepts of SEO do not change that often.

Many years ago, SEO was about getting a search keyword or term “stuffed” into a web page as much as possible. Those days are long gone. Google now demands content that is worthy of ranking (in their view) to be useful, and to answer the questions of people who are asking.

That’s an easy concept to understand because we all use Google to search for answers, whether a silly question we can’t remember the answer to, or a deep soul searching topic. Google’s technology now focuses on searcher intent. In other words, their algorithms have the ability to match content on your website with what they believe the searcher may be asking, and not specifically matched to the exact term used to search.

nonprofit seo

More now than ever, Google provides many answers that do not require the searcher to even click into a web page. This further complicates on-page SEO strategy when attempting to drive traffic to your website. What this means is optimizing your website content so that Google recognizes it as a valuable resource should be the core aim of any SEO strategy. If your audience is local, attention to a local SEO strategy is required.

This SEO explainer video shows you exactly what’s important in SEO or local search. 

Our Nonprofit SEO Tactics

Keyword and Keyphrase Research

This is far more than just deciding which keywords sound right. Determining the right keywords and phrases through intentional research is the difference maker. It involves understanding your target audience, what they search for, and how they search for it. We can help you with this.

On-Page Search Optimization

There are a number of in-depth facets to on-page search optimization. Using the keywords and phrases established from our research, we tune and structure content accordingly.

Backlink Strategy

Backlinks are a key part of your SEO strategy. Links from other authoritative websites represent a "vote of confidence" in the eyes of Google. This is critical in building site authority in the eyes of Google and other search engines.

Ongoing Content Management & Production

Your website will not rank without relevant content — fact. Blog posts, landing pages, images, and more all count as content. This not only creates awareness and engagement with your audience, but it shows Google that you are adding value to their search engine results.

Off-Page Strategy

Off-page (or offsite) SEO is related to your backlink strategy. Off-page SEO of your website improves search engine perception of your site's quality. It involves getting links from other sites that are relevant and already reputable, thus projecting their good reputation onto your site. This includes mentions of your nonprofit organization, sharing of your content through a link, or general votes of confidence from online reviews.

Local Search

Local SEO is the use of online marketing strategies and tools but with a complete focus on local geography. Local SEO is the playing field leveler for online marketing. You can actually outrank larger and well-established nonprofits with a great local SEO strategy. We help you do this by including your website in every relevant local listing, ensuring consistent data, and creating content that your local audience finds relevant. There are several other elements that feed into the famous Google 3-Pack strategy and maps.

Google My Business Listing

One of the most overlooked options available to nonprofits is their Google My Business (GMB) listing. Previously known as Google Places, GMB is possibly the most significant ranking signal for local search. Our Google My Business service ensures that your nonprofit listing is performing at its peak, has all the right content including regular updates, and your organization is getting the attention it deserves. There are many elements that make up the GMB site and we specialize in optimizing yours.