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What Is Online Reputation Management?

Online reputation isn’t a new phenomenon. In fact, for a decade or more reviews have been a signal to consumers that a business or product is a safe bet, or not. Over that long period of time, online reviews have amassed and gone mostly unmanaged by small businesses. 

Changes in Google’s local search algorithm make it more important than ever to not only be aware of your online reviews but to proactively manage them because online reputation is a major ranking factor.


the beliefs or opinions that are generally held about someone or something

Google uses your aggregate review score as a primary ranking signal determining how your business shows up in search results. That wouldn’t be terribly difficult if Google was the only site consumers were using to review your business, but it’s not. There are over 35 sites that now represent business reviews — nearly impossible to manage without a system.

Our online reputation management solution includes a proactive strategy to ensure you get more good reviews from happy customers and leverages every opportunity to increase your overall review score.

Here's How Our Solution Works

Review Monitoring

Our Review Monitoring system constantly checks 40+ review sites including Google, Facebook, Yelp, Trip Advisor, Yahoo, Angie's List, BBB, and many others.

Competitor Analysis

We can monitor reviews for your competitors and compare all profiles against industry benchmarks.

Review Requestor

We help you generate more positive reviews for your business with our review request tool. Requests can be delivered across SMS, email, or point of sale.


We measure your brand's success with our Review Analytics Tool by tracking review sentiment, specific keywords, accuracy, reporting and much, much more.

Response Management

Using our Response Management System, we respond to all reviews in a timely manner with your approval.


Anytime your business receives a new review on any of the review sites we track, you can receive an email or push notifications to your mobile device. This is completely optional.

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