Before we both jump in, we’ll need to know more about you and what help you are looking for. Email us, call us or complete the short contact form and we will be in touch shortly. We work with small businesses, churches and non-profit organizations.

Our Web Design Process Step-By-Step

  • Phase 1: Analysis/Discovery

    Once we've had the opportunity to connect, we may send you an invitation to complete our detailed discovery questionnaire to help identify your needs, or we'll schedule a meeting to dig deeper right away. Using this information, we will define the website's purpose, goals and target audience.

  • Phase 2: Planning

    During the planning phase we will determine the website layout, structure and technologies required to meet the necessary objectives. Our planning phase relies heavily on the requirements we define in the analysis/discovery phase.

  • Phase 3: Website Design

    Using the information gathered in discovery and planning, we will begin laying out the actual design of the website, taking inspiration from your church or nonprofit organization's branding as well as the information and material you provided. We create wireframes, define the visual style, and apply UI/UX standards to maximize user engagement and experience. This is where the website begins to take shape.

  • Phase 4: Content

    While content placeholders are considered in the design phase, during the content phase we will create or apply the relevant copy, images, video and other media to the website design and begin optimizing the content for search engine optimization (SEO).

  • Phase 5: Development

    After reviewing the design with you and making any required revisions, we will begin the process of developing your website. This includes the physical creation of all pages, menus, posts, and applying custom HTML, CSS, and Javascript coding. We also ensure our website development considers responsive capability so that all websites are optimized for mobile devices.

  • Phase 6: Testing

    Before releasing the site officially we will test all of the technical features across all devices and browsers for compatibility, and identify any issues. Any final revisions or fixes will be completed prior to launch. Before we launching we also ask ourselves the question, "does the website fulfill its purpose?" Only when you are satisfied will it be released.

  • Phase 7: Deployment

    The deployment phase begins with launching the site and making it publicly available. But, this is only the beginning. We will monitor the site closely over the next few days and weeks to make sure it is operating correctly and no bugs have creeped in. We also offer all clients ongoing care plans to take care of backups, maintenance, optimization, and even content creation.

Summary of Our Services and Solutions

We work with Small BusinessesChurches and Nonprofit Organizations mainly on web design and SEO projects. We also offer other services to our clients.

Web Design
Website Development
Process Optimization
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Review Management
Reputation Management
Google My Business
Premium Website Hosting & Support
WordPress Consulting
Content Management Systems
Felt Needs Landing Page Design

Conversion Funnels for Nonprofits
Digital Strategy
Email Marketing & Outreach
Mobile & Responsive Web Design
Social Media Integration
Social Media Marketing
Website Analytics
Website Maintenance
Content Strategy
Online Advertising
Google Ad Grants